Bigger & Better Tool Department at K&D!

Bigger & Better Tool Department at K&D!

It wasn’t so long ago that Tasmania’s largest independent Hardware Retailer opened their flagship “Cambridge” store near the Hobart airport. Well, it seems there’s no opportunity for the K&D Warehouse team to rest on their laurels! They’ve done it again – this time even bigger and better!  Opening their Devonport store just last month!

James Scuderi, National Sales Manager at Emrack, says “having worked with Craig and his team on several arge and small projects in the past – a lot of the development work and customising of merchandising components had been done previously – although from the beginning we could all sense that the new Devonport store was going to be something special.”

Unlike the K&D Warehouse Cambridge store, which involved almost 18 months of planning, adjustment and reconfiguration of interior layout and equipment specification – the Devonport Store was fully specified and signed-off by October 2012 – a mere 8 months from initial drawings being developed. James reiterates “Considering the size and scale of the project, it was an incredibly quick development phase. It was a pleasure working with the K&D team again – and we’re extremely proud to have had the opportunity to put together such a wonderful – and highly performing store!”

The huge Trade/Drive Through area, occupying the rear of the site, provides a large hand-stand area adjacent to the primary storage and distribution building and the dedicated “Trade Retail” store – specifically servicing Devonport’s army of tradies

The Devonport store utilised the same Emrack Big-Box System as that installed at the successful Cambridge site, completed in 2009. With many of the Bay models and merchandising plans already done – the process of specifying the new Devonport store was made much simpler. Although highly detailed floor-planning and layouts were undertaken, most of the primary racking structures were an exact reflection of the Cambridge model.

K&D utilises the extra depth of a 1200mm Deep Big-Box frame – providing for approximately 600mm of merchandising depth in each central bay. This advantage, along with the huge range of merchandising accessories, means that high-volume stores such as this benefit from better product density, with the option for overhead bulk-storage.
The team also utilised the critical in-bay lighting methods which were applied to their other stores. Low energy lighting sources are installed on every Big-Box Bay – behind a custom designed signage pelmet – and the result is fantastic!!

James Scuderi says “One thing you notice when shopping in the K&D Warehouse stores is the quality of merchandising, and the bright, clean feeling that the aisles have. Craig and his team are very insistent regarding the in-bay lighting, and it really lifts the whole store. Being able to hide the light-source with the custom-designed pelmets adds to a very professional appearance”

Emrack also had the opportunity to supply and install the latest version of the GT Outrigger Gondola System for this project. The Outrigger System was installed exclusively in the ‘Trade Retail’ building – adjacent to the Trade Yard.

The Emrack Outrigger System is fully compatible with the Big-Box System – and offers extremely high capacity storage and merchandising, while providing for a smaller format space. All of the merchandising components available for use with the Big Box System can be used with equal effect in the new Outrigger Gondola System.
Many of our readers who have built any type of commercial facility – and especially those of you who have built or refurbished a hardware store understand that the “proof is in the pudding”. It’s all well-and-good to have a great set of technical drawings and plans – but delivery and installation are the key to every successful project! The K&D Warehouse Devonport store installation was on an extremely tight schedule! Goods were going onto shelves as the interior was being fitted – and the K&D team had the pressure on!

This fantastic new store was fully installed, from scratch in only 25 days!

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